What if a downpour could wash away our hatred?

What if some rain would scrub away our rage?

But showers won’t clean these streets that lay red,

While this monsoon of contempt confines us to this cage.


We drown in animosity, a thick and ugly sludge.

Could we choose to replace that with Love?

Could we be quick to listen and much slower to judge?

Could we let God heal the bitterness from above?


What if winds of change blew in the right direction,

Instead of watches and warnings all around?

Father, we desperately need your protection.

Holy Spirit, reclaim this stormy ground.


Flood us, Lord, with compassion for our brother;

May grace and mercy puddle on our land.

Give us patience and empathy for one another.

Provide us the courage to take a stand.


It’s the Summer of 2016,

Nothing and nobody can seem to please us.

Race relations, like weather, turn mean;

Come quickly, Hurricane Jesus.

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